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Why We Get Out Of Bed In The Morning...

To put it simply, "we live and breathe Microsoft Office." Through our many years of business we have used the office platform as the heart and soul of several multi-million dollar businesses. No matter what department, our employees have relied on the stability, and user friendly learning curve that the office platform provides.

But like any software it isn't perfect, not by a long shot. That's where our own software comes into play. We designed add-ins that extend the platform and cover the many shortfalls that reduced our employees productivity.

It became simple, if we saw a problem that was costing us time and money, we developed an add-in that solved the problem. Then we tested and documented the results. That's where Xplorer Software was born, not from guessing what would work and trying to sell it to the public, but actually immersing ourselves in the problem and making it work for our own business. From that perspective we know if it works for our employees, it will work for everyone. That is why we can unequivocally say that you will increase your productivity with our innovation! 

Marshall brings decades of experience in a wide range of businesses. With an understanding of exactly what it takes to run a business, as well as the products that other businesses need to succeed, he ensures that quality products are delivered on time and above expectations.




With a very diverse background in many different aspects of UX design, product interaction, programming, & business, Tyler adds a layer of expertise that is essential in making software that not only works well, but works well for the intended end user. 



UX | Software Engineering | Marketing

Gabe is the backbone of our problem solving machine. With Web, Mobile Application, and .Net developing expertise he provides the skillset needed to apply robust logic to real world problems. It is his dedication to finding elegant solutions that makes our software run cleanly and efficiently. 



Software Engineer

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