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All files downloaded from this website will originate from the domain. This is a repository for Wix hosted websites.


The following will be applicable to all Xplorer Software programs:

  • A detailed set of instruction will be packaged in the form of a pdf along with the installation files.

  • All files will be packaged in a zip container that will include multiple installation options.

  • There are options for both Admin and Single User installs included in each .zip file.

  • The software programs will also include installation of additional prerequisite programs that may be needed from Microsoft. These programs may be required as part of the interface to controls provided in the Xplorer Software Program.

  • All Xplorer Software programs created by Breakthrough Applications LLC are signed with a Comodo digital certificate granted by Sectigo for the express authorized use by Breakthrough Applications LLC.

Do not install or open any Xplorer Software programs that originate from a location that is not linked to this domain or is not digitally signed by Breakthrough Applications LLC.

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